About Scoolzz

SCOOLZZ-XR brings the magic of Augmented and Virtual Reality to people worldwide! It eliminates the challenges of using AR and VR in academic or industrial settings. With SCOOLZZ-XR, educators, trainers, employers, and anyone can create jaw-dropping, immersive lessons without coding or tech expertise. These incredible lessons are on the google play store, Oculus, and Windows platforms. SCOOLZZ-XR is revolutionizing education and training, captivating students, employees, and citizens worldwide. It's time to say goodbye to traditional teaching methods and say hello to an exciting future!

Our Company

We are a Frisco, Texas based XR /AR/VR studio that provides training platform solutions and services for industries across all verticals. A Microsoft Internet Vendor, we partner with enterprise customers to help enable true digital transformation and deliver game-changing advantages. extended reality is the next huge wave in education, and training. REDHOUSE brings our XR simulations platform SCOOLZZ on the trusted secure, cloud platform Azure

Our Mission

Using education, wisdom, and understanding to build a foundation for the next generation. RedHouse Virtual Education applications deliver tailored learning techniques that help shape creativity and collaboration. We are redefining the way we learn by harnessing the power of virtual learning. Step into a new era of education where the possibilities are boundless and the learning experience is truly extraordinary.

Our Team

Dr. Tony Scallion

Chief Executive Officer

Marques White

Chief Technical Officer

Riddhima Khanna

Business Manager

Radhika Sharma

Backend Designer

Farazana Jeffri

Content Designer

Tianyu Hu

Lead Systems Designer

Cara Oneal

Intern Curriculum Training

Abraham Azim

Project Manager

Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Frontend Developer