Meta Scoolzz the Metaverse of Education Classroom

Facing the challenges of Covid-19 has forced almost every educational institution had to act quickly, introducing technology to move learning online, or adopting hybrid teaching modality with some students present in the classroom, and others simultaneously attending remotely. The use of collaboration tools supporting multi-modal and hybrid teaching models has rapidly become the norm. The demand for simultaneous teaching for both in-person and remote-participants in classroom environments has triggered a massive change in the way schools, colleges and universities are approaching course design both for now and for the future. Scoolzz XR solutions are helping educational institutions to provide the flexible infrastructure necessary to support this transformation.

MetaScoolzz XR classroom collaboration solutions

New and exciting high tech learning environments created using innovative XR technology, Scoolzz classroom collaboration solution.

Our cost-effective solution uses multiple devices to create flexible active learning spaces where both students and educators alike can access, collaborate and share digital information of all types from any source, and in particular, Large 3D models from HoloLens 2, Oculus Nreal , tablets, and laptops.


The platform allows you to manage your content, track progress, and subscribe to an evergrowing number of content modules in a variety of subjects.


Once you register for an account, you will access your online web-based platform. This gives you access to your subscribed content. Add more content to your account at any time.

Immersive Content

To view content modules in immersive technology, install the MetaScoolzz app on an, Android Tablet, Hololens 2, Chromebook, or Oculus VR device (more compatible devices soon)

Device Agnostic

Access interactive content using device agnostic app on various devices like tablets, Hololens 2, Chromebooks, Oculus and more.


Here’s How It Works

Getting started is easy! Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Download the App

Download the MetaScoolzz appfor either Oculus, or Android

Create an Account

Register for a MetaScoolzz account that will sync to devices with the installed Meta Scoolzz App

Choose Package

Subscribe to additional topics and content as desired

Experience Immersive Content

Using your device, select the desired topics to experience

Curriculum Management System

User Permissions

Add and manage users. Organize users into groups and distribute curriculum accordingly.

Distribution Management

Publish 3D educational content and distribute everywhere around the globe from a branded app store experience.

Redundant Storage

3D educational content libraries are valuable assets and
are protected accordingly.

Content Management

Add, edit, and update educational content for multiple apps from a single location.

Co-Space Scheduling

You can save your work in a 3D virtual space and load several interactive 3D models at once.

Speech Translation

Create a more inclusive classroom for both students and parents with live captioning and over 100 cross-language understanding.